Screenshot of Square Pegs Round Holes game start


I remember reading a blog early on when I was starting to learn how to make my own games. The blog advised its readers - all beginners like me - to make ‘Tetris’. The stipulation was that you had to make the whole game. From what I recall the reasoning behind this was that making Tetris covered all of the bases of learning to make an actual finished game, without being too much of a challenge.

The principle of this made a lot of sense to me, but I didn’t see much point in making a game that already existed. So I decided to make my own puzzle game. I gave myself one rule: the game couldn’t take too long to make!

What developed is Square Pegs, Round Holes. It’s a simple puzzle game that enabled me to make a whole game start to finish in a relatively short space of time. For whatever reason the design ended up with a bit of a 70’s vibe, I’ve no idea why... The concept is simple, collect the right shapes in the right boxes and try to get the highest score possible.

Of course, there are twists, like shapes that provide rockets to shoot shapes before they fall, fireball shapes that give a boost when collected or bomb shapes that provide a ton of junk if collected incorrectly. Just like Tetris, over time the level goes up and the shapes start to fall more often and at a faster speed!

If you’d like to play the original version of the game, you can download it for Windows or Mac from by clicking here!