Five Star Food Safety

Five Star Food Safety; expert training for food safety professionals

Five Star Food Safety is a website providing expert advice and training for food safety professionals. It has detailed page design to display complex advice on food safety, as well as integrated e-learning and pro tools. The site relies on PHP, Javascript and SQL to provide a rich variety of interactive elements to facilitate a specialised website.

Prime Solo Adventures

Travel website Prime Solo Adventures

Prime Solo Adventures is a bespoke travel tour website for people over 50. This website was a pleasure to work on as I designed pages to sell dream holidays, with tantalising pictures and premium itineraries. It was an opportunity to provide beautiful design whilst ensuring user experience remained first class.

Body Hustle

Body Hustle website screenshot

Body Hustle is a website I developed for a new business, that sells health plans and provides consultancy advice. Due to the global pandemic the business has stalled, but hopefully it'll get off the ground in the future. I built this to Nicola's specification, so not a lot of room for being creative. I got to play with implementing a background video and using keyframes to create a customer testimonial reel.

Family Recipes

Family Recipes website screenshot

Family Recipes is in beta and under active development. Sick of the appalling quality of existing recipe websites, I am trying to collect all my favourite recipes in one place, in an easy-to-use site. If it gets to a polished state, I will give it a url and some branding.


WebCodeFun website screenshot: tutorials and written guides.

WebCodeFun is a personal project I trialled after thinking about doing it for years. It is a tutorial website where I combine videos and written guides on how to develop websites. I created some material, but it I think I just prefer doing the coding - so it hasn't progressed very far. I enjoyed learning to edit videos and coding a code display box was pretty fun. You can check it out if you're interested.

Enhanced Comic Strip

Enhanced Comic Strip website screenshot

This prototype explored different ways to present a comic strip online, looking at traditional images and animated panels. The concept is still being worked on for a potential commercial site, but for the time being it remains a concept.

Solo Board Games

Solo Board Games website screenshot

Solo Board Games is a prototype website that reviews single player board games. I really like the design for this site. It's a shame it hasn't been fully utilised, but the time required to review the games means that it is just a prototype for now.

Smoking Shelter Calculator

Image of Smoking Shelter Calculator webpage

The smoking shelter calculator is a simple website that enables users to determine whether their enclosure complies with the smoking regulations. Amazingly, this didn't seem to already exist when I created it in 2021, despite the regulations causing problems for business owners and enforcement officers since 2006! The calculator uses JavaScript to work its magic.


Omnifood website, food delivery service

Omnifood is a food delivery website. It is only a prototype, so you can't actually order any food from it, but it was fun designing an enticing food-based web page. Working on it made me perpetually hungry though, all the food looks amazing!

Web Dictaphone

Web dictaphone website, record messages on the web page

I developed a web-based HTML5 game where you use your device's microphone. It's called the LOL Party Game. In developing the game I played with the recording functions possible using the microphone and created a simple web dictaphone. You can use it to make recordings and play them back. I access the Web Audio API using Javascript.

What's the Weather?

Weather application website, find out the weather anywhere in the world

Whilst developing a site for walkers, I experimented with gathering the current weather conditions from an API called openweathermap. In testing this, I designed a quick one page weather app that you can use to find out the current weather conditions in any city. I use PHP to update the weather, with some CSS and Javascript to make things look pretty.