What's the Weather?

Weather application website, find out the weather anywhere in the world

Whilst developing a site for walkers, I experimented with gathering the current weather conditions from an API called openweathermap. In testing this, I designed a quick one page weather app that you can use to find out the current weather conditions in any city. I use PHP to update the weather, with some CSS and Javascript to make things look pretty.

Web Dictaphone

Web dictaphone website, record messages on the web page

I developed a web-based HTML5 game where you use your device's microphone. It's called the LOL Party Game. In developing the game I played with the recording functions possible using the microphone and created a simple web dictaphone. You can use it to make recordings and play them back. I access the Web Audio API using Javascript.


Omnifood website, food delivery service

Omnifood is a food delivery website. It is only a prototype, so you can't actually order any food from it, but it was fun designing an enticing food-based web page. Working on it made me perpetually hungry though, all the food looks amazing!