Veggie Patch

Veggie Patch game image of a snail

Veggie Patch is a farming sim game where you try and grow as many vegetables as possible across the year - in your veggie patch! Unlock new veg to grow, learn what months are best to plant and harvest different veg, water them to make them grow quicker and make sure you don't let the snails eat all your profits! You can play now on any device! How much profit can you make?

Tappy Chopper

Image of helicopter

Tappy Chopper is a tappy/flappy game where you tap the screen to fly the helicopter, avoiding crashing into the rocks whilst collecting stars and trying to set your highest score. Oh, and also avoid the planes flying in the opposite direction! Simple, quick, fun, with very short games. When you have a good run and set a high score it feels very satisfying!

Evil Elves

Image of Santa and Evil Elf

Evil Elves is a Christmas themed game where you help Santa Claus save the presents and mini elves. Fail to save 3 elves and it's game over. Avoid the snow balls which will slow you down! See how many presents you can save! This is a fun little game that is available on HTML5 and can be played instantly on any device. If you're feeling festive it's time to play!

Square Pegs Round Holes

Icon image for Square Pegs game

Square Pegs Round Holes is a 2D puzzle game set to test your reflexes as you try and collect the falling shapes in the correct boxes. Use speed boosts and rockets to keep on top of the shapes as they fall. Watch out for shapes that explode or those that are camouflaged. Set the highest score you possibly can and complete 10 achievements to become a master of the factory!

LOL Party Game

LOL Party game icon image

The LOL Party Game is a game for 2-8 players. Challenge friends to see who can make the funniest statement or work together to make a story from random letters. Turn on either 'drinking' or 'silly' forfeits to really turn up the pressure! Play with friends on any device now! Note - this game will not work on Safari browsers due to Apple's new restrictions on audio - which I might fix at some point but it isn't worth it for me at the moment!

The LowRez Dead!!

Screenshot of LowRez Dead game

The LowRez Dead is a top-down mouse controlled game, where left button moves you and right button shoots. You are Jack Times, and the zombie apocalypse has happened. Your food supplies are empty and you need to restock! It is one hit kill so if you die, you restart. To access new sections of the map you must find keys to unlock the gates. You must also keep finding bullets - ammo is precious. You can play on PC now for free!

Football Club Empire

Football image

Football Club Empire is a Chairman-Sim crossed with a Text-Adventure. You are the Chairman of your own football club: Can you talk your way up the football pyramid, manage your resources, keep your fans happy and stave off financial ruin? This game is in development and all material is work in progress. It's sitting in the TBC pile for some future date.