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I develop web applications focused on user experience

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Website Design Philosophy

Using a website should be intuitive, enjoyable, and effortless.

I believe interacting with a well-designed website is like reading a good book. When you read a good story, you become lost in the world that has been created, you forget who you are and all of your thoughts. You can read for hours without noticing the time. It is a form of meditation, each word read without effort or concentration.

A website should provide the same feeling. There should be no frustration or interaction causing you to think twice. When exploring a website, you should enjoy the journey, hungrily consume the content, unconsciously smile, and when it is over - yearn to come back for more.


I use a variety of languages to enable me to develop websites and web applications. Each language provides a different toolset and I enjoy working with all of them. HTML5 provides the basic mark-up for building a webpage. CSS3 gives it the style and JavaScript helps create any interactive elements.

Writing PHP code combined with MySQL is perhaps my favourite part when developing a web application, as it enables me to use databases held on the server and implement efficiencies to HTML5 coding to reduce repetition. GML was my first language and so holds a soft spot in my heart. I use GML to develop games within webpages.

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Recent Project

Prime Solo Adventures

Prime Solo Adventures is a bespoke travel tour website for people over 50. This website was a pleasure to work on as I designed pages to sell dream holidays, with tantalising pictures and premium itineraries. It was an opportunity to provide beautiful design whilst ensuring user experience remained first class.

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Let's Work Together


Web design doesn't have to be expensive. As an independent web developer I offer bespoke packages tailored to your needs at a much lower cost than large developer studios.


Support every step of the way, from deciding on the design, through building of the website, to providing any aftercare that you may need. Websites are built from scratch to your specification.


It is important that your website works on all devices, including mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. Your website will look professional and be designed for all screen sizes.

About Me

Website Developer Michael Bateman outside in the woods

Hi, my name is Michael Bateman and I live in Horsham, West Sussex. I have been coding for about 8 years and I absolutely adore it. Coding is what I do for fun. I love it.

To me, there is a perfect combination of a great idea for a web application and the challenge of writing the code to make it happen. It is therefore unsurprising that I enjoy working with people who are passionate about their idea and the thought of bringing it to life online. If you are excited by an idea and would like to work with a web developer that will give it the love and attention it deserves, then we should definitely talk.

It doesn’t matter if it is a small hobby site or a business idea that you hope will one day rival Amazon, it’s the passion for the idea that determines whether we can work together.

At the centre of what I do is a belief that websites should be focused on user experience. I want to design clean, polished, easy-to-use online experiences that deliver positive emotional outcomes for users. I believe a website should be clear, classy and fast. It should make the customer smile.

I can add features to your website, correct errors, or build it from scratch. Please feel free to check out my portfolio or play some games that I have developed. If you would like to talk about working together, please contact me and we can start building your website today!